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Three integrated temperature and humidity vibration test chamber

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product details

With the appropriate vibration test bed to meet a variety of the corresponding temperature, humidity, vibration three comprehensive test requirements. The product in the aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, communications and other fields have a wide range of uses.


Laboratory and refrigeration system as a whole modular structure, compact and beautiful, the console is designed separately for easy operation.

Refrigeration compressor and the main accessories are imported. Imported LCD color LCD touch screen controller, temperature and humidity program automatic control, with R232 communication interface.

According to user requirements matching different shaking table to ensure that cold, cooked, gas sealed at the same time, shaking table has a good physical vibration characteristics.

Humidity range
Test chamber size(cm)60x85x8080x95x80100x100x80100x100x100
Laboratory Carton Size(cm)110x171x137130x181x137150x186x137150x186x157
temperature range-70℃~ +100℃(150℃) (A:0℃  B:-20℃ C:-20℃ D:-40℃ E:-50℃ F:-60℃ G:-70℃)
20%~98% R.H.(10%-98%R.H/5%~98% R.H is a special selection)
Temperature and humidity analysis accuracy / uniformity±0.1℃;±0.1%R.H./±1.0℃;±3.0%R.H.
Temperature and humidity control accuracy / fluctuation±1.0℃;±2.0%R.H./±0.5℃;±2.0%R.H.
Temperature rise / cooling timeAbout 4.0 ° C / min; about 1.0 ° C / min (5 to 10 ° C per minute for special conditions)
Internal and external materialThe machine is SUS 304 # stainless steel plate matte treatment, the box is stainless steel
Insulation materialHigh temperature and high density of chloroformic acid foam foam material
cooling systemAir-cooled / single-stage compressor (-20 ℃), gas, water-cooled / double-stage compressor (-40 ℃ ~ -70 ℃)
protective deviceNo fuse switch, compressor overload protection switch, refrigerant high and low voltage protection switch, super-humidity over-temperature protection switch, fuse, fault warning system
AccessoriesRecorder (optional), viewing window, 50mm test hole, PL box light, partitions, dry and wet ball gauze
Shaking tableAccording to the user's request matching; detailed technical parameters see this directory (electromagnetic high-frequency vibration table)
ControllerKorea“TEMI” South Korea“TEMI”or Japan“OYO”Japan's “OYO” Brand Optional Optional
compressorFrance "Taikang" brandFrance's “Tecumseh” Brand
power supply1Φ 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz & 3Φ 380VAC±10% 50/60Hz

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