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Introduce the temperature system of constant temperature and humidity chamber

Date:2016-12-09 Author: Click:

Introduction of temperature system of constant temperature and humidity chamber

The temperature system of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is divided into humidification and dehumidification two subsystems. The humidification method of the test chamber is usually steam humidification method, that is, low-pressure steam directly into the test space humidification. This humidification method humidification capacity, fast, humidification control sensitive, especially in the cooling is easy to achieve forced humidification.

There are two ways to dehumidify the test chamber: mechanical refrigeration dehumidification and drying dehumidification. Mechanical refrigeration dehumidification dehumidification principle is to cool the air below the dew point temperature, so that more than the saturated moisture content of water vapor condensation precipitation, thus reducing the humidity. Now most of the integrated test chamber using the former dehumidification method, the latter a dehumidification method, you can make the dew point temperature reaches 0 ℃. Applicable to special requirements of the occasion, but more expensive. Dryer dehumidification is the use of air pump to test the air out of the test chamber, and the dry air into the wet air into the recyclable dry for drying, drying and then into the test chamber, so repeated cycle dehumidification The

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