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Constant temperature and humidity chamber of the main technical indicators parameters

Date:2016-12-09 Author: Click:

Constant temperature and humidity test box price of the main technical indicators parameters:

Temperature bumps: ± 0.5 degrees

Humidity degree: ± 2% RH

Temperature: -40 ~ + 150 degrees;

Humidity: 20% to 98% RH

Humidity uniformity: ± 2.5% RH

Temperature uniformity: ± 2 degrees

Heating rate: 3 ℃ / min (non-linear)

Cooling rate: 1 ℃ / min (non-linear)

The layout and parts of the constant temperature and humidity chamber:

Case box Material: inner box - mirror stainless steel plate; outer box - stainless steel or steel plate spray

Insulation material: polyurethane foam + extraordinary glass wool

Freezer system: France Taikang armor warrior fully enclosed compressor

Protection assembly: compressor overheating protection, overcurrent protection, overpressure protection, heating humidification air burning protection, test box over-temperature protection, water shortage report

Power supply: 220VAC ± 10%

Modulator: Japan OYO or South Korea TEM original import regulator

Heater: Imported U-type heating pipe

Humidifier: Separate humidifier humidification method

Transport reincarnation system: extraordinary extension of the axis of the motor with multi-wing fan wind wheel

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