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Impact test chamber in the test should pay attention to the problem

Date:2016-12-09 Author: Click:

The impact test chamber is the necessary testing equipment for the metals, plastics, rubber, electronics and other materials industries. It is used to test the structure of materials or composites, which can be tolerated in a continuous environment under extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature. The minimum time to detect the sample due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes or physical damage. The following Suzhou hot shock test box for you to answer the impact test chamber in the experiment should pay attention to the problem.

First, the passive needle can not be very good to stop in any position, and does not coincide with the main needle. Remove the method is to remove the dial glass, adjust the passive needle compression spring screws, and adjust the pointer to make it coincide with the main needle.

Second, the load, the oil system oil spill serious or tubing rupture. First, check the oil system connector is tightened, if necessary to replace the gasket, to be replaced. If the tubing is broken, then the need to replace the higher strength of the tubing, in addition, but also to observe the oil valve, relief valve piston is dead or installed anti.

Third, the sample fracture, the pendulum quickly fall, causing the impact. Mainly in the buffer failure, in addition to the conventional adjustment, but also should consider whether the oil is too thin, too dirty and so on. Always pay attention to the testing machine in the course of the problems found in a timely manner to avoid, so that your test results produce errors. In the impact of the test chamber is regularly checked to ensure that the normal use of the test machine.

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