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Some customer success, in no particular order

Shaanxi institute of radar technologySouth Asia electronic (kunshan) co., LTD
Jiangxi changhe aircraftSumitomo electric (suzhou) co., LTD. Company
Sgs-cstc standards technical (Shanghai) co., LTDAct the role ofing, automotive trim (suzhou) co., LTD
Far spinning industry (Shanghai) co., LTDHitachi metals (suzhou) co., LTD
Beijing datang mobile communicationJiangsu apter semiconductor co., LTD
Sinosteel zhengzhou institute of non-ferrous productsSuzhou university
Toray fiber research institute (China) co., LTDPalmer, (suzhou) co., LTD

Kay love in accordance with the safety equipment
Qingdao haier group co., LTDSamsung semiconductor (suzhou) co., LTD
Beijing university of chemicalQingdao's focus pharmaceutical co., LTD
Shandong agricultural university,Qingdao drug food inspection institute
Nanjing polytechnic university industrial corporationJiangsu dongguang microelectronics co., LTD
Changshu institute of technology,Zhangjiagang sheng da steel rope co., LTD
Shaanxi province machinery research instituteJiangsu Su Yi electric appliance co., LTD
Jiangsu province institute of building materialsJiangsu Su Yi electric appliance co., LTD
Shanghai chemical industry research instituteJiangsu brilliance auto detection co., LTD
Chongqing fibre products inspectionWuxi sharp force metal products co., LTD
The Chinese academy of sciences institute of physical and chemical in xinjiangNanjing jia jiang science and technology industrial co., LTD
Xinjiang northwest research instituteNanjing joy send photoelectric technology co., LTD
Cold in heilongjiang province construction engineering quality test centerWuxi hanbitsoft electric appliance co., LTD
Handan city and thus construction engineering quality test co., LTDChangzhou better news photovoltaic industry development co., LTD
Even the pharmaceutical co., LTD. Hubei ointmentJiangsu HaiDing electrical technology co., LTD
F her in tianjin science and technology co., LTDMicro unita electronic (kunshan) co., LTD
China university of geosciences (wuhan)Wujiang south glass glass co., LTD
Xi 'an jiaotong universityNanjing polytechnic university industrial corporation
Jinan modest hong electronic technology co., LTDJiangsu institute of east China lithium electricity technology co., LTD
Yantai double circular part co., LTDJiangsu extension yuan technology development co., LTD
Beijing ordovician technology co., LTDSuzhou kun billiton thermal control system co., LTD
Shanxi HuaBao coating co., LTDNanjing electric research electric power automation co., LTD
Gaoyou shengxin fire engineering technology co., LTDChangzhou new district jia ji electronics co., LTD
Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holding) Co., LtdJiangsu new photoelectric communication co., LTD
Shaanxi macro electronic technology co., LTDYangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing things analysis instrument co., LTDTaicang speed shall be sensor co., LTD
Guangxi normal university college of chemistry and life scienceWuxi hundred teng machinery factory
Xu card electromechanical co., LTD. (qidong)Shandong LuKe engineering quality inspection
Yageo electronics (China) co., LTDJiangsu dongguang microelectronics co., LTD
Jian ding electronics (wuxi) co., LTDJiangsu province institute of building materials
Baoding huadian days work of science and technology park co., LTDJiangsu yichang photoelectric co., LTD
Beijing's science and technology co., LTDShanghai kai LiaoChang potter kind of cable
Beijing longteng blue sky technology co., LTDBeijing construction engineering research institute
Shandong crystal microelectronics co., LTDJiangsu Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd.
Chengdu, becky technology co., LTDJiangsu ShenLi industrial co., LTD
Beijing things analysis instrument co., LTDJiangsu province construction science research institute
Carbon yuan science and technology co., LTDElectric power research institute of jiangsu province
Tianjin package bothe sealing technology co., LTDJiangsu jinyuan traffic facilities co., LTD
Hunan branch bully car power battery co., LTDJiangsu the @ new energy co., LTD
Xi 'an lubrication state microwave technology co., LTDBeijing Pacific century technology development co., LTD
Zhongtian control technology co., LTDZhejiang premier medical instrument co., LTD
Hebei can knight FRP co., LTDNingbo long xing telecom equipment manufacturing co., LTD
Small and medium-sized enterprises in qinghai business development co., LTDShanghai mei li electronic technology co., LTD
Henan hebi Jin Yu electric co., LTDThe zhejiang province sanmen county rubber factory in the east China sea
Yunnan Kim industrial co., LTDHangzhou Henderson ink paint co., LTD
Changchun zhuo bao rail transit rubber and plastic technology co., LTDJiangyin handsome new solar co., LTD
Shanxi talc pharmaceutical group co., LTDZhejiang wei electronic technology co., LTD
Hebei xin engineering rubber co., LTDZhejiang dashun wire and cable co., LTD
Shaanxi forever paint co., LTDZhejiang star appliance co., LTD
Hubei jiang drilling co., LTDWenzhou blue industrial development co., LTD
Sichuan country can cause technology co., LTDSiemens gas turbine parts co., LTD., Shanghai
Jiangxi sichuan water meter co., LTDShanghai ancient han automotive trim mould co., LTD
Chengdu lattice technology co., LTDWhen measuring and testing technology co., LTD., Shanghai, China
Jurong city force bead plastic co., LTDShanghai ling chuan electrical components co., LTD
Anhui cable co., LTD., Pacific OceanAnhui day core photovoltaic co., LTD
Anhui national special cable testing centerBaoying vibration Ming electronics co., LTD
Shijiazhuang coal equipment manufacturing co., LTDWuhu space cable co., LTD
Zibo amp electronics co., LTDNingbo sun Microsystems precision casting co., LTD
Zhejiang Chang An group co., LTDZhejiang hin sound new materials co., LTD

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