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Suzhou Kanglaituo Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is proud to be able to design and manufacture the most professional products for users of all walks of life. Through continuous improvement, getting better and more humane management and effective after-sales service system, and gradually formed a unique enterprise high-speed business model, as one of the industry's most powerful enterprises, from new product development to new technology Effective use and the perfection of the manufacturing process, almost harsh pursuit to ensure the future in the industry's reputation, and has been praised by the industry, Kang Leotuo proud of this.

The company from a Europe, the United States, Taiwan and Japan production of environmental test box for technical service-oriented enterprises, is now gradually developed into a unique in the industry, independent research and development design, production. Sales and technical services of professional production enterprise. The main production: programmable constant temperature and humidity box. Three comprehensive test chamber, hot and cold impact test chamber, LED high and low temperature test chamber, step into the aging room, into the constant temperature and humidity chamber, automotive environment simulation warehouse, solar test chamber, photovoltaic module high and low temperature hot and humid alternating test chamber, Rapid temperature change test chamber, dust, rain, compound salt spray corrosion test chamber and so on. Products are widely used, combined with aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials mechanics, air conditioning, refrigeration and food processing technology and other professional knowledge, for the industry users to design and manufacture high-quality, sophisticated and durable products.

Suzhou Kanglaituo Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. production of environmental equipment in line with GBISOGJBBSASTMULJISCE and other test standards, the company of "follow the standard, quality first" quality culture, the use of Europe and the United States and other imported parts, to ensure excellent product quality: "customer first" , To establish a product after-sales regular inspection system to ensure that the products run well, "professional, honest, innovative" corporate culture to provide customers with the industry's most cutting-edge technology for all employees willing to work together with the industry to create a better environment Of the future, to become a first-line brand and work hard!

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